How to Figure Out Compatibility While Dating Online

Online dating apps have become so popular that even people who don’t use Tinder know the meaning of ‘swiping right’. It’s no wonder, not only do we spend more time than ever online, but online dating has enabled people to meet possible partners that they wouldn’t meet otherwise. However, stories of being ghosted or meeting beautiful but incompatible people happen more often than singles would like. So, how can someone figure out if they’re truly compatible with their matches?

Compatibility vs Chemistry

It’s essential to understand the difference between compatibility and chemistry. Many people believe these two concepts mean the same thing and are interchangeable. But that’s not true, as both are needed to have a long and happy relationship.

Chemistry is the feeling daters get when they feel attracted to each other. People who have strong chemistry feel an uncontrollable passion that they can’t explain and are ready to leave everything behind to be with that other person. Usually, it takes just a moment to feel chemistry with someone and it’s an excellent way to start things off. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to guarantee a long-term relationship.

Compatibility is what makes a relationship work for countless years. It’s the sharing of lifestyle and values by two people. For example, a PETA employee isn’t going to date someone that hunts animals for sport. Of course, being in a relationship means compromising here and there, but there are always parts of us or things that we want in the future that we aren’t willing to change.

Having a healthy and happy relationship means having both chemistry and compatibility. While the former makes things exciting but comes and goes, the latter lasts forever and means you’ve found your best friend and the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

How to Understand If You’re Compatible in Online Dating

You’ll never understand compatibility if you judge a book by its cover. With the massive number of possible dates, it’s tempting to make decisions just by looking at the picture and the limited information attached to it. However, contrary to what you might think, this process takes longer to find a suitable partner and leads to more terrible first dates.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, understanding if you’re compatible with the other person before meeting in real life is a must. But how to do this? The very first thing to do is to visit their profile. There you’ll find more information about their interests, activities, and lifestyle, which gives you a good idea of whether you have something in common or not.

The next step is to make contactpatible people can talk all night long and feel that only an hour has passed by, so it’s essential to see if you start off by having a meaningful conversation from the get-go. Start the dialogue by referring to one of your shared interests. Although the conversation probably won’t get to the deep level of sharing what you want to do for the rest of your lives, it’s an excellent icebreaker to understand if there’s a spark.

Finally, it’s time to meet up. Of course, things may end up not going as expected – people can lie on their dating profile or put on a facade. However, with this process, you’ll catch most of the deceivers right away.

Dating Sites Focusing on Users’ Compatibility

Luckily for all the singles out there, dating websites have been stepping up their game to beat the competition. It’s great to open your account and see several singles nearby ready to go on a first date. It’s even better when those profiles have already passed through a screening system that matches personality, lifestyle, and values.

eHarmony is one of the most popular dating websites for people looking for a serious relationship, and for a good reason. The matching system takes into consideration an extensive personality test that everyone must do when creating an account. Interestingly, unlike other dating websites, eHarmony only shares a few profiles every day for you to go through and doesn’t let you search for more people. This way, not only do you know off the bat that the profiles are compatible with you, but the site also encourages you to take some time to go through the profile of each match. Other dating sites that follow the same process that you may find interesting are Match, OkCupid, and SilverSingles (for singles over 50).

Religious people will also be happy to know that there are some dating websites created especially for them. Each religion has many fine details that can be a relationship dealbreaker. JSwipe, for example, matches people considering different ourteen network reviews branches of Judaism and whether they follow a kosher diet. CatholicMatch, on the other hand, makes its users answer an extensive inquiry regarding their Catholic faith when creating an account.