Media Buying & Planning

Getting the right media at right price is like find a needle in the haystack. We leverage our experience to help you identify which media platforms would best advertise your product or service. We consider the product, target audience & campaign goals to strategize, negotiate & purchase ad placements.

Newspaper Ads

English, Hindi or Regional – Advertise in newspaper dailies to reach your target audience.

Magazine Ads

Highly Targeted Medium to reach out to niche audience. An array of options available for advertisers.

Radio Ads

Reach millions of listeners in your city by broadcasting your message through radio jingles.

Television Ads

Gain impressions quick and in volume through television advertising on news, entertainment, movies, devotional channels etc.

Outdoor Ads

Gain visibility through effective outdoor ad placements in areas visited by your target audience often.

Online Ads

Be a part of growing trend and revolution. Social, Search, Display or Mobile,catch your target audience where they spend most time.